Personal Makeup Course

Lessons customised to your needs

Fit for all ages from students to mature lady

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Certificate Upon Completion

Course Duration

4h class

Class schedule

Flexible to trainer and student arrangement

Class Fee

S$399/- per person (1 tutor 1 student)

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Group Fee (min 2 pax) @ $300/-per person

Liren’s Makeup Courses

Liren teaches and share unselfishly with her heart and focuses on every student’s strength and weakness. Students are arranged in small groups so that every student will receive undivided attention to develop better makeup skills along the process.

Courses Content

  • Skin Care
  • Foundation Application 
  • Getting your perfect eyebrows
  • Leisure Day and Night Make-up
  • Tips on perfecting the art of putting faux eyelashes.

* It is advisable to bring your own personal makeup kit and skincare

Makeup Class for elderly

It’s never too late to learn something new! Makeup classes for elderly and mature lady can be a fun and rewarding experience. Makeup class teaching essential tips and techniques for applying makeup tailored to meet the unique needs of our older clients.

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Personal makeup course singapore

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makeup course singapore
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