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23rd ACHPA Chief Makeup Judge

About Trainer

More than 10 years ago, Liren Neo first got into the wedding business when she started working in a bridal shop.  Her initial tasks had her sewing, fitting, and selecting dresses, but she watched all the bridal makeup artists at work and eventually began to do some of her own bridal makeup.  Eventually, she left the shop and continued to improve her makeup technique for the next three years.  Within the first two years, she became more established through publicity, posting testimonials from customers online, and conducting classes for both prospective or current makeup artists and interested people.

Through the use of Estee Lauder`s M. A. C cosmetic products, Liren`s ideals and “less is more” philosophies have led to thousands of beautiful and happy clients.  Despite her success, she refuses to become complacent and still approaches every client with the same enthusiasm and zeal that she had when she first started painting faces years ago.


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