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23rd APHCA Hair & Makeup Olympics

Liang wen Fu

“For music, for life concert”

Liren Neo makeup Team is euphoric to participate in Liang Wen Fu’s 35th year anniversary concert’s journey by providing makeup services for all the involved artistes 

Makeup Behind the scene

The Max Pavilion B2St Concert

RC mature lady personal Makeup Course


MAC Event, MAC Cosmetics

A leading brand of professional cosmetics sponsored Liren Neo’s strong team of professional makeup artists for the accentuate eyes makeup at the NUS Temasek Hall Dance Production 2015 event!

MAC Cosmetics with Liren Neo Makeup Team

TH Bash 2015: INTEMPORAL at Zouk Singapore

NTU DnD 2012 Grand Park City Hall, Singapore.

One Day Makeup Demo Workshop

The students flew over from India to learn at Makeup Course Singapore

Harmony for Hope concert

Singapore Cancer Society

Makeup Course Singapore’s is very grateful to be the main sponsor for the performers at Harmony for Hope concert, an initiative to raise funds for cancer patients.

National Cancer Centre Singapore organised a fund raising concert, Harmony For Hope, on 3rd November 2019. Makeup Course Singapore’s crew spent the whole day with the performers, getting them ready for the performance.
Many of the performers are cancer survivors who had undergone gruelling treatments such as chemotherapy, which resulted in hair loss. They requested for the makeup to be natural, and to make them look more radiant. The team did a great job and the performers were surprised and ecstatic that their hair were nicely styled, and their facial features greatly enhanced. Many were so happy that their hair looks and feels great again and were delighted to see more definition in their features , especially the eyes and eye brows.
We are happy to see how our work bring joy to the performers and how the styling and makeup made the performers more confident! We enjoyed the wonderful performance that they have put up!

Methodist Girls' School, Singapore

Power 98FM 21st birthday celebration event

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