Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup Course Objective 

No Concealer and “Less is more”

With an unique technique of not using concealer and a philosophy of “less is more”, we adopts natural shades to bring out the best in each individual facial features and has designed and developed a proprietary bridal makeup course.

This course takes a step further and is for people who are serious about learning more in-depth about makeup and the various corrective techniques for different looks. Practical opportunities will be given to people so as to prepare them in pursuing further in this career.

- No Concealer Makeup Techniques
- FREE Lifetime Refresher Training

Contact number 

Call or whatsapp Liren at 97686075 now

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Upcoming Course Dates:

(Afternoon Class)
01-03-19 Friday 2pm--5pm
08-03-19 Friday 2pm--5pm
09-03-19 Saturday 2pm--5pm
10-03-19 Sunday 2pm--5pm
15-03-19 Friday 2pm--5pm
17-03-19 Sunday 2pm--5pm
22-03-19 Friday 2pm--5pm
23-03-19 Saturday 2pm--5pm
29-03-19 Friday 2pm--5pm
31-03-19 Sunday 2pm--5pm
05-04-19 Friday 2pm--5pm
06-04-19 Saturday 2pm--5pm

(Weekday Evening Class)
02-04-19 Tuesday 6pm--9pm
04-04-19 Thursday 6pm--9pm
09-04-19 Tuesday 6pm--9pm
11-04-19 Thursday 6pm--9pm
16-04-19 Tuesday 6pm--9pm
18-04-19 Thursday 6pm--9pm
23-04-19 Tuesday 6pm--9pm
25-04-19 Thursday 6pm--9pm
30-04-19 Tuesday 6pm--9pm
02-05-19 Thursday 6pm--9pm
07-05-19 Tuesday 6pm--9pm
09-05-19 Thursday 6pm--9pm

Training Methodology:

Participants will be given opportunities to practice the actual techniques taught and lecturer will provide guidance through the process
1. lectures
2. demonstrations
3. hands on practical workshop.

Venue: 42B North Canal Rd, Singapore 059298

Course Modules:

Module 1
* Personal and General Skincare
* Tools & Applicators
* Knowledge of Makeup Products
* Applying Foundation
* Achieving the Natural Look

Module 2
* Face Contouring & Blusher Application
* Eyebrow Trimming
* Eyeliner Technique
* Studying Lip Shapes
* Makeup for Dark Skin

Module 3
* False Eyelash Application
* Creating Double Eyelid Effect
* Makeup for Mature Skin
* Makeup for Men

Module 4
* Wedding Photoshoot
* Day & Evening Makeup
* Smokey Eyes Makeup

Module 5
* Understanding of Hair Products & Tools
* Basic Hairstyling Techniques

Course Fee

SGD $2500/pax
12 lessons x 3 hrs


Certification in Bridal Makeup Course

Course Materials

During lessons, the school will provide
1) M.A.C & Makeup Store Cosmetics
2) Course notes

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42B North Canal Road, Singapore 059298

Bus: Opp Hong Lim Pk, Buses from this station 2, 12, 33, 51, 61, 63, 80, 174, 174e, 197, 961, 961C, CT28

MRT: North-East line (purple line), Clarke Quay